I am a professional web designer and I would like to share with you my vision and my approach to the world of web design. With years of experience and a deep passion for aesthetics and functionality, I have dedicated myself to creating extraordinary digital experiences that not only capture attention, but also improve users’ lives.


My approach to web design begins with a rigorous planning phase. Before I dive into design, I work closely with clients to fully understand their needs, goals and target audience. Detailed requirements analysis is key to ensuring that the design is user-centered and specifically addresses customer needs. Clarity in defining project objectives is essential for a successful outcome.

The design

Design is the heart of my work. In this phase, I create the visual structure of the website or application, defining the information architecture, navigation and layout. I am particularly detail-oriented, taking care of every aspect of the design, from typography to colors, from visual details to usability. Each element is designed to guarantee coherence and aesthetics. My goal is to create a design that is not only eye-catching, but also intuitive and capable of engaging users effectively.

After the design phase, I work closely with developers to ensure the design is implemented accurately. Clear communication and collaboration are key to ensuring my work is translated correctly into code. Prototyping and constant testing are an integral part of my approach, to ensure the design is built to specification and meets the highest standards.

The next phase is testing, where I carefully check the design’s compatibility with a variety of devices and browsers. I make sure the design is responsive and interactions are smooth. The goal is to ensure that the site or application works perfectly and offers a flawless user experience.

The launch

The highlight is the launch, when my design finally becomes accessible to the public. During this phase, I work closely with the technical team to ensure that everything is set up correctly and that the site is ready to be indexed by search engines.

However, my involvement doesn’t stop there. Web design is a constantly evolving field, and I am constantly looking for opportunities to improve and optimize existing designs. Constant maintenance and regular updates are an integral part of my work to ensure the design remains fresh and cutting edge over time.


In summary, my commitment to web design is driven by the pursuit of perfection. Each project is a unique challenge, and I am dedicated to overcoming it with dedication, innovation and professionalism. My goal is to create designs that not only meet customer expectations, but also provide a superior user experience. I am determined to leave a positive imprint on the world of web design by helping to create a digital environment that is aesthetically stunning and highly functional.

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Some completed projects

How did I approach the various needs

Web design: Progetto IBSA

The client’s need was to manage the critical issues of the multiple sites in terms of security, evolutionary development and management…

Web design: Progetto MotorstoreTP

For this client, work was done to optimize the company database, the development of an ecommerce platform on Magento

Web design: Progetto Gemmo

Together with the client Muller, we designed a web application that would allow customers to participate in a photography competition…

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